The Boy Equation

Boy + Boy + Boy = My World

Boy + Boy + Boy = Too much TV?

Is there such a thing as too much TV? Do you think it can affect children's behaviour? This is something I have been considering lately, in the wake of some terrible behaviour from my boys and our dealings with it.... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Breathe him in

As I sat up last night from 3am to 5am with baby boy 3, I willed him to go back to sleep and stop whimpering every time I put him back into his cot.  But every time I picked him... Continue Reading →

My #RandomPhoneSnaps

So my lovely friend Anna at zeitmygeist threw down the gauntlet with her #randomphonesnaps post.  The idea is that whilst doing a bit of housekeeping with your phone photos, deleting the random, unwanted ones, you first share them with the... Continue Reading →

The Bedtime Tag

Well this is exciting (for me at least!) – it is my first ‘tag’. Recently I read a conversation on a parent blogger forum (no – not the one where they swear a lot and are mean to each other!)... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Supermum (or not!)

Well what a week! What a fantastic week. What a super-proud, supermum week! This week has been full of wonderful memory-making for me and my boys. And let me tell you, I don't use the term 'supermum' lightly. In fact... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Power Cut

The title of this blog makes it sound like my three boys are single-handedly responsible for the power cut that our village is currently experiencing, however I am pleased to say that this is not the case. It is merely... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Party Planning

Yesterday was party time for Boy 1, my oldest son. He is turning 10 next week. I cannot believe it. Double figures. In fact, this time ten years ago I was in the early stages of labour, not knowing what... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Sleeping Through

Last night our baby Boy 3 woke at 3.30am.  And as such I am feeling tired.  He has done it a few times lately but I know why.  He is hungry.  At almost five months old, and with rolls of... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = 2016 Eviction Night

Leaving 2016 for me is a bit like leaving the Big Brother house.  This blog has meant I have opened up a little of my life for your viewing pleasure.  I have shared some personal stuff with you, my audience.  There... Continue Reading →

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