So my lovely friend Anna at zeitmygeist threw down the gauntlet with her #randomphonesnaps post. 

The idea is that whilst doing a bit of housekeeping with your phone photos, deleting the random, unwanted ones, you first share them with the world, in an attempt to reveal your hidden personality, secrets and randomness.

What do my photos say about me?

The cruel moment when you find leftover Christmas chocolates in the larder, only to find they are all the ones you hate!

A cat in a bag!
Boy 2 with a plastic wristband on his face!
Boy 1 with random plastic loops on his face!
My chosen fabric for our velux window blinds, following much deliberation. Only to find this one is not for Velux blinds 😬
Some cute baby feet and an empty lunch bowl – I know not why!
A scrummy home-cooked roast BEEF dinner, complete with mint sauce! Because I can!
A moment of peace, painting spindles.
An old-school Atari!
My favourite boots, which unfortunately wore down at the heel after a couple of outings.
Pancakes, bananas and chocolate spread – the breakfast of kings!
A camera-shy cat!
A reindeer’s face on a bottom
Santa story-time
Pimp my baby Christmas stylee!
A much-loved, much-chewed favourite toy. Smelly Ellie. She was once an elephant, complete with trunk!
A menacing-looking cat claiming the Moses basket for his own!
A shirt that claims to be non-iron. I beg to differ!
Boy 3’s birthmark. (Tried to take this as a measure of whether or not it grows in the future. Not exactly scientific!)

And that’s all for now folks! It seems my whole family is mad, including the cat!

Feel free to play along, using the tag #randomphonesnaps