The title of this blog makes it sound like my three boys are single-handedly responsible for the power cut that our village is currently experiencing, however I am pleased to say that this is not the case. It is merely a blog about a power cut and not so much about my boys, as they were all soundly sleeping when the lights went out.

I did wonder initially if the power cut was the fault of the builders that are just finishing off our loft conversion, as there were some flickery lights just before we lost power, and we have a few wires still to be connected up, but it wasn’t. Sorry guys! When I realised the school alarm was going off, it confirmed that actually the whole village is out. That alarm always signals a whole village issue. It saves me needing to post on Facebook or text local friends to check it is not just our house!

It appears that the small flurry of snow that fell from about 5pm tonight is the culprit.

Yes, we got snow!



But bugger…we also got a power cut.

At the time of the black out, I was up in my new loft room, merrily varnishing the beautiful new oak doors, whilst admiring the snowy white view across the Kent countryside. Luckily I had taken my phone up there with me and thanks to Apple and their ‘iPhone that can do anything’, I therefore had a torch too. But this was really inconvenient timing…


So I trekked downstairs to the kitchen (I can see two flights of stairs getting on my wick in time!) for candles and more torches, got some bits sorted and went back upstairs to finish my varnishing by torch light.

Once the varnishing was finished (and fingers crossed it looks okay in normal light!) I went back downstairs to chill out for a while.

But then I got bored…

You see, in the year 2017, so much of our lives are reliant on electricity. Our TVs, our computers (if like me, your laptop is too old for the battery to keep its charge longer than an hour!), our central heating system (despite running on oil, our boiler is electric!), our shower, our cooker, our lights, our kettle…you get the idea! So any thoughts of a nice cup of coffee while I caught up on some trashy TV were out of the window. As was a nice soak in a hot, Molton Brown filled bath, reading a book. Or watching a bit of Netflix on the laptop.

So while I was struggling to find something to do, Facebook had started to fill up with posts of cosy nights in with spouses, burning log fires and candles a-plenty.

However my husband is away at work, I can’t light a fire by myself (pathetic I know, and I probably could try, but it’s a bit late now) and whilst I have a few candles lit, I am paranoid they will set the house alight and I will have to rescue my three sons by myself.

A friend of mine has recently blogged about a feeling of ‘hygge’, (that cosy, safe feeling you get when you are all snuggled up somewhere) and it seems that the darkness of this power cut, contrasted with a dusting of soft, bright, white snow outside the window, would be the ideal setting for some hygge-time. But I am not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I like nothing more than a bit of chill-out time, snuggled under a blanket in front of my log burner, but tonight I had not planned for it. And my fire isn’t lit! I am not feeling hygge at all.

(Please check out Bec’s blog here, it’s lovely.  Uplifting, positive and motivational. It is a good tonic, though not the sort that goes with Gin! Kind of like a counter-blog to my ranty, chaotic, boy-filled one!)

I am feeling lonely. In the dark, on my own, I miss my husband. Normally I love my two nights a week when he is away. I get the TV to myself, the bed to myself and can soak in the bath for as long as I like, without seeming antisocial! But something about the darkness makes me feel like a child again. Makes me feel a tad uneasy. Just a bit scared. The silence is somewhat sinister. I would feel happier if he were here.

And so I have come to my blog for sanctuary…as writing time is happy time for me. Escapism. And thankfully my iPad has charge!

So as our village hides in lightlessness (yes, it’s a real word – I googled it!) and the delicate snow melts gently outside (sledging may be off the cards tomorrow), my beautiful boys still sleep soundly upstairs while I wax lyrical about power cuts!

And that’s really it for now…

Apart from a final thought…

I wonder if I should eat the contents of ice-cream drawer in the freezer, in case the power is out for a while…waste not want not! 😜