One week to go…ONE WEEK TO GO!

I am so excited at the thought of Christmas Day in a week’s time.  I love the excitement it creates in my boys.  Aged 9 and 7, it is still so magical for them.  They love the idea of family time and presents and pantomimes and waking up early!

And Father Christmas.

But do they still believe?  I am not sure. Boy 2 seems to believe and in my view he should, at seven years old.  However he did not bother to actually write his letter to Santa this year – he only planned it and told me what was on his list!

Boy 1 however, at almost 10 years old, is doing a great impression of someone who totally believes in Father Christmas.  He has written and posted his letter to Santa and was excited to receive a reply.  (He did however question why the return envelope had a Royal Mail logo on it!)  He talks about Christmas and Santa a lot.  Perhaps he is smart enough to heed my warning that “if you don’t believe, you don’t get”.  Perhaps he pretends to believe, for his little brother’s sake.  Or perhaps he really does think that a fat man breaks into our house, creeps his way around and leaves gifts everywhere. (Oh my goodness – why do we want children to believe this? Whilst I do want to keep the magic alive, please let him have the common sense to realise this is all crazy, unbelievable and quite frankly slightly disturbing!)

The magic of Christmas for me is all around us right now: it’s the twinkling lights; the joy of shopping for people I love; the invitations to spend time with family; the beautiful fragrant tree, with home-made decorations hidden at the back; the joyful carol-singing practise in the bath, ready for school concerts;  watching Christmas movies, snuggled under blankets; remembering to move the bloody elf at 11pm each night; the anticipation that builds with each day of the advent calendar (Smiggle advent calendars going on in this house.  Don’t go there.  Overpriced tat that I had promised myself I would not succumb to – I failed!).  All of this (and more) is what creates the magic at this time of year.

But I digress – this post it titled countdown, and in the forthcoming week, we are counting down to so much more than just Christmas.

Firstly, I am counting down to bedtime tonight.  I am knackered!  We went out last night.  It was a party at a friend’s house in the village. An amazing party with the village people (bring on the builder and native American jokes!).  And despite this sleepy little village being so small, they are not so good at the ‘sleepy’ part and they sure know how to party!  I have missed many of the recent gatherings, due to my pregnancy, new baby and hurty boobs (!) but last night I was back.  I went ‘out out’.  I left all three of my boys with a baby-sitter and went out. And yes, I checked my phone every ten minutes. And yes, I texted the babysitter three times. And yes, the breast-feeding meant the Prosecco was drunk in small measures (and an even smaller measure of the toffee vodka).  But I still had an amazing time, as I was with wonderfully mad friends!  Until 2am!  Not bad for a sober new mum! And so I am knackered.  But I need to write this first, before bed.

I am also counting down to tomorrow – and a hospital appointment.  Boy 3 has a kidney condition called Hydronephrosis. (Google it – saves me a job!)  It is something to do with his bladder and kidneys.  The doctors picked up on this when Boy 3 was still in the womb.  It is quite common in boys and often clears up in time, without treatment, but tomorrow he will have a scan to see how things are looking. I don’t know the details of what will happen, if he will need to be sedated, if it will hurt him etc, so I am feeling nervous.  I think they insert a tube up his willy, so it won’t be pleasant.  And he is such a chilled-out little boy, who doesn’t complain, that the thought of him in pain tears me apart.

And finally I am counting down to loft conversion completion!  With a week to go until Christmas, we are at the tail end of our building works.  (Remember my previous post ‘Boy + Boy + Boy = Overcrowded Bedroom? Well our problem is almost solved!) Tomorrow the builders are knocking down walls and moving doors.  This week they are plastering.  They are tiling.  They are plumbing. They are basically creating as much mess as possible in our house!

We are trying really hard to hold it together and not let the chaos and mess send us loopy.  We are trying really hard not to get mad at each other. We are trying not to lose our shit!  It is very hard!

They tell us they will be ‘done’ by Thursday lunchtime and we will have our new bedroom and ensuite.  And the thought of it is amazing and exciting.  And we keep trying to hold on to that good news.  But right now, in amongst the chaos, finishing Thursday seems so hard to believe.  There appears to still be so much left to do.

And we know that once the builders are done, it is just the beginning for us.  We still have to decorate, choose carpets, order and build wardrobes, dismantle and re-mantle beds, buy curtains, accessorise, write the theme tune and sing the theme tune! And then we have three boys’ bedrooms to decorate too.  We foolishly promised the boys we would sort their ‘new’ rooms quickly, once ours was done.  And my boys never forget a promise! We have so much left to do. (I use the term ‘we’ but it’s really my husband who will do most of this, as I will be sitting in front of daytime TV, feeding the baby!)

So, you can see we are a little bit busy right now and the clock it ticking.

The countdown is on…

In a week’s time we will be hosting a small, modest Christmas Day.  By then, I am praying that I will have caught up on my sleep, that our house will be clean and habitable, with all walls and doors in place and that our beautiful baby boy is well.

That’s not too much to ask is it?

(I also still have all the presents to find and wrap, but let’s not go there, as I may hyperventilate!)