Now it was never my intention to write one of those blogs where I moaned about my children, and the need to escape from them, because they are my world, my everything, and I love them to the moon and back. However…

I challenge you to find me one mummy who has never, not even once, felt the need to escape. Even if it was just by spending two more minutes in the toilet, with the door locked, than was really necessary!

And so after a busy few months with a new baby and being a full-time mummy, I decided to plan my escape…only this one was to be so much more exciting than a few extra minutes in the toilet!

You see one of my best friends from uni lives in Budapest and over the many years that she has lived there, I have only visited once. Just once. Rubbish aren’t I! I found that life (lack of money, presence of children, shortage of time) got in the way. It’s my children mainly that got in the way…asking someone to babysit them for a long weekend is a big ask, and taking them to stay with a friend who at the time didn’t have children of her own, wouldn’t really have worked. My boys were high maintenance when they were younger (and if I am being honest, still have their moments!)

But this year, with my friend now having young children, and me having older boys who I could more easily leave behind (and a baby who is portable and easy), I thought I would go for it.

So I did…I escaped!

I escaped to Budapest.

Lots of people commented on how brave I was being, travelling with such a young baby, but with the support of my other uni friend, a well-travelled one, and her toddler, I wasn’t worried. Boy 3 would be an easy cargo to take – he is calm and uncomplicated and doesn’t need too much stuff.  Have boobs, will travel! I wasn’t worried.

Unto the day before I was due to travel…and then I was worried about everything!

I worried about getting stuck in traffic; if I had packed enough nappies for the plane (let me tell you  – it was close – six nappies in five hours!); if I had enough changes of clothes for Boy 3, for poos up the back and possible vomiting (again – it was a close call); if I had the passports (despite checking seven times); if I could carry all the stuff on my own; how I would get Boy 3 up the stairs to the plane… and much, much more.

So I decided to leave at 6.30am for my 11.45am flight because I hate being late for things. And because I hate being late for things, I often find myself being early. Too early at times.  But I figured being too early was not an issue in an airport with duty-free shops!   My planned early start allowed time for traffic problems, extended nappy changing sessions, slow walking due to heavy lifting and the compulsory shopping.  It would probably have allowed me time to get a flat tyre, call the AA, get it fixed and still make the flight!  But thankfully the latter didn’t occur – tyres were intact!

And so whilst I did encounter this:
(the joy that is the M20 at 6.45am!)
I also benefited from this:
img_0545   img_0547
(a very quiet Stansted airport!)
With time on my side after the early alarm call, my meticulous planning, and despite the M20 traffic trying to scupper my timetable, I arrived at the airport at 8.30am.  I immediately felt my stress levels lower and found myself silently ‘high-fiving’ myself on a job well done!

By 9am my bag was safely checked in and I was sitting down, feeding Boy 3, waiting for my friend to arrive. Which she did. Bang on time. 9.30am. Looking calm and serene as always. (I seriously need to master that calm, all-under-control, manner that she has – I will keep on trying!)

By 10am we were shopping in duty free!

And before we knew it, with our new Chanel nail polishes nestling in our handbags, we were on board the plane and bound for Budapest.

I had escaped!

(If you would like to hear more about our trip, including the joys of flying with babies, having four children under the age of 3 in one apartment, packing a Ford Focus to the brim, leaving a baby for the first time and my first ‘exit room’ experience, keep an eye on the blog. When I get some spare time, in between being Mum to my time-wasting but gorgeous chubba bubba, I will write some more!)

Boy 3 spent much of our trip like this!