So this is me…and this is my first blog.  It will be the start of a journey, a story-telling, about my life, my boys, told my way.  It is totally self-indulgent. I get that.  And I get that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  In which case, feel free not to read on, not to share, and not to care.  But I hope some of you will..

This is my little escape from being a mum.  It will be an escape from my normal day job as a primary school teacher .  It is an escape from breast-feeding, nappy changing,  washing, ironing and cooking.  It is an escape from watching too much television. It is an escape from crocheting baby blankets or learning to cross stitch.  It is hopefully going to kick-start my brain!

I am currently on maternity leave with my third baby.  My third boy!  This may help to explain the need for escape, the obsession with baby blankets, the reference to breast-feeding and my numb baby brain!

“Hang on a minute!” I hear you cry.  “Three boys?”

Yes – three boys.  Now let’s get the awkward comments and questions out of the way.  I have already heard them many times before:

“Oh my goodness!  Three boys.  That must be hard work.” – Yes, I suppose it is.

“Did you hope for a girl?” – Yes, it would have been nice. But I know how lucky we are to have three gorgeous children, willies and all!

(I am honest – you will see that more as the blog continues.)

“Poor you.  Three boys.” – Sod off!

“Are you going to try again for a girl?” – No, most definitely not.

Now we have cleared some of that up, let me explain the idea of the blog.  Having three boys makes me in the minority of parents.  Apparently there is only a 25% chance of having three children of the same sex.  So I think that makes me special!  I also think that makes me an expert on boys.  However let’s be clear…I am not claiming to be an expert on how to successfully raise boys – that is yet to be seen.  In fact, some days that is definitely not the case.  Some days I am an expert on how to raise boys destined for borstal! (More about that another time!) But I do know about boys.  I observe them, I talk with them, I love them and I know them.  I don’t always understand them (of course – they are from the male species) but I can tell you all about them.  And that is what I intend to do.

I don’t yet know the direction this blog will take.  It may be a place for me to brag about my boys.  It may be a place for me to rant.   It may be somewhere for me to review boys things – clothes, books, games.  It may be a place for me to ask for help.  It may be a place to tell you about great things we have done.  It may just be a place to share silly stories.  Its path will be defined by any readers I may gain and by the actions of my boys.

Lastly, I feel I should try to explain The Boy Equation.  I don’t know quite how I came up with the name.  But I think my crazy, baby-brain thought process went something like this…

I love my boys.  All three of them.  Individually.  The handsome, garrulous, sensitive nine-year-old. The affectionate, defiant, cheeky  seven-year-old. The calm, chubby, beautiful eleven-week-old.  Individually they are everything to me.  Added together, they are my world.  Which makes this equation true:

Boy + Boy + Boy = My World

So whilst this blog is an escape from being a mum, it isn’t really.

Because it is is all about my boys!

N.B. This blog is not really ready to be published yet, however I was too excited to wait!  It does not have any good images – I am waiting on my hubbie to help with those and I only asked him tonight! It doesn’t have contact information.  Or links to Facebook, Twitter etc.  I need to work out if and how to do all that.  But it will not be seen by the masses.  It will probably only be read by a few of my friends.  And friends don’t judge.  They know me well enough to know I couldn’t wait.  I just wanted to get started.  So ‘bear with’…