The Boy Equation

Boy + Boy + Boy = My World

Boy + Boy + Boy = My World

So this is me...and this is my first blog.  It will be the start of a journey, a story-telling, about my life, my boys, told my way.  It is totally self-indulgent. I get that.  And I get that it may... Continue Reading →

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Boy + Boy + Boy = Bluebell Photos (The Real Story!)

It's May! I cannot believe it is May already. It is my first day back at work next week (a Keeping In Touch day) and I am saddened by how quickly my maternity leave has flown by.  I know that... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Boobs over and out! 

36 weeks ago, our beautiful baby Boy 3 burst into our lives, a little unexpectedly and not without drama.  He was born at 36 weeks, putting a halt to all our plans of a delivery at the birth centre.  His... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = The breast end is nigh!

Today Boy 3 is eight and a half months old.  I can barely believe it.  He continues to be loving and funny and so affectionate.  Our whole family has so much love for him, as he does for us, and... Continue Reading →

Oh My Blog – ‘Tippytupps’ on being a mum

In the absence of new material from me (more to come on that in my 'Blog Off' post I am currently writing!), this month I am taking part in 'Oh My Blog', a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = A Weighty Issue

Well there's nothing like a bit of exercise to get the brain whirring... Tonight I have just got back from the gym and I am feeling both knackered and good about myself.  I have done 50 minutes of exercise -... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

So, here is a new post that may be recognised by bloggers, but may seem like a random title to non-bloggers.  It was all German to me (!) until I read the following from Hannah @theamphletts.  Thank you Hannah for my... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Let’s Talk about Sex

  Over the last few weeks we have been talking about sex in our house. Not because we have got all kinky and enjoyed some experimental ‘luuuuurvin’.  Not because it was Valentine’s Day recently (definitely not – read my previous post... Continue Reading →

Boy + Boy + Boy = Is Romance Dead?

  When the lovely Anna from zeitmygeist asked me to write a post for her Valentine special, I was really honoured and so excited... For about 30 seconds... And then the panic set in. You see, when I trawled back... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Ed Sheeran

Dear Mr Sheeran / Ed / oh Wonderful One! So we are sure this isn't the first open letter you have received, nor will it be the last, but we have an important proposal for you and hope this will... Continue Reading →

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